Analyzing Crops Data To Increase

Growth Levels and Profits

We Monitor and Direct the

Crops Maturation Process

About Us

Growth Protocol Management for Maximum Crops and Revenues

The average farmer is facing rising production costs, 

weather fluctuation and market buyers’ terms, means more management and monitoring are required to enhance farm profitability.

To maintain farm profitability, we analyze fields measurements data to provide recommendations how to fertilize, a prediction when to harvest for optimum crops in quality and quantity.

We are a team with proven track record of enlarging crops quantity and implementing optimized processes for growth management.

Our applications are knowledge-driven and rely on accumulated field data. With our crops data sets analytics, we correlate between the plants phenological stage and forecast fertilizers consumption and harvest dates and propose optimized resources utilization.   

Analyzes Crops Data To Help Farmers

To Increase Growth Levels and Profits

We Monitor and Direct the Crops Maturation Process


Collected Data Points on The Trees Status by:

  • Sampling Measurements,

  • Checking Minerals Levels,

  • Monitoring Maturation Features.

To Train Algorithms for Customized:

  • Fertilization Recommendations,

  • Harvest Date Prediction,

  • Crops Yield Estimation.

To Provide Growers with:

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Based on Our Services Measured Data and Predictions We Build Crops Unique Data Sets to Accumulate Crops Features Across Different Plots and Regions and Find Correlations Between Maturation Status, Consumed Minerals, Weather Conditions to Derive Insights for:

Growers:  What to Fertilize and When to Harvest.

Fertilizers Vendors:  Quantities Consumed and Sales Forecast.

Mills Operators & Processors:  Efficient Facilities Operation.

Services & Resources Suppliers:  Resources Optimization.

To Benefit from:

  • Better Prediction and Planning.

  • Improved Coordination Across the Cultivation Process.

  • Costs Savings.

  • More Profits from the Same Resources.

To Realize Our Unique Value:

  • Concentrate on Fruits - Affordable Lab Measurements on the Revenues  Source Not the Surroundings.

  • Specialized Data Sets - Different Crops Features Repository Reflecting Phenological Status.

  • Algorithms Models - Adaptable to Different Crops, Predict Next Step to Compensate for Climate and Environmental Impact.

  • Proven Services - Transform to Data Driven Industry with Quick ROI.

In end of AUG we predicted

harvest date mid NOV

A Team  with a Proven Track Record

Experienced in cultivating plantations, development and implementation of a growth protocol measurement tools.

Achieved results at MEGIDO ARENS  ELIAD Plantations.

A Proven Track-Record

An efficient way to grow crops and maximizing revenues and profits.


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