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About Us

We Plan the Fertilization and Predict the Harvest

We are a team experienced in cultivating plantations with innovative fertilization and harvest planning services to drive more profits.


We have a proven track record of enlarging crops quantity and implementing optimized processes for growth management to improve profitability at leading growers of oil olives and almonds in Israel.

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We Analyze Data to MANAGE Crops Cultivation

By Sampling Fruits Features for Customized

  • Fertilization Recommendations

  • Harvest Date Prediction

  • Crops Yield Estimation


To Provide Insights for:

Growers:  What to Fertilize and When to Harvest.

Fertilizers Vendors:  Quantities Consumed and Demand Forecast.

Mills Operators & Processors:  Efficient Facilities Operation.

Services & Resources Suppliers:  Resources Optimization.

To Benefit from:

  • Better Prediction and Planning.

  • Improved Coordination.

  • Costs Savings.

  • More Profits from the Same Resources.

In end of AUG we predicted

harvest date mid NOV

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Oil Olives Harvest Prediction

The service provides a forecast for the plot optimal harvest dates, to maximize quantity and quality of olive oil with recommendion when to start preparing the resources.

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The Report indicates:

  • Alerts on moisture level and maturation status.

  • Estimated date for next measurement and optimal harvest recommended dates.

Oil Olives Fertilization Plan

Dynamic plot fertilization planning To maximize the yield and profit by giving in each stage exactly the amount of fertilizers required and optimize resources and reduce environmental impact.

The service is provided throughout the year for each plot separately:

The basis for planning, minerals disposal values, taken from olives and leaves during harvest.

FP Oil Olives Periods E.png

Our Unique Value:

  • Concentrate on Fruits - Affordable Lab Measurements on the Revenues  Source Not the Surroundings.

  • Specialized Data Sets - Different Crops Features Repository Reflecting Phenological Status.

  • Algorithms Models - Adaptable to Different Crops, Predict Next Step to Compensate for Climate and Environmental Impact.

  • Proven Services - Transform to Data Driven Industry with Quick ROI.

An efficient way to grow crops and maximizing revenues and profits.


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